Prison Documentaries

'5', 5 Prison Documentaries

With the never ending fascination into what goes on behind the prison walls, there are hundreds of documentaries people can access online today from ‘Locked up Abroad’ to ‘Behind Bars’.

Notorious documentary maker Louis Theroux has delved into the prison life and shared stories of inmates he met at notorious prison San Quentin in California, as well as Miami Mega Jail in Florida. Not only Theroux has quenched the thirst for our societies prison interests, Trevor McDonald also compelled a two part documentary for channel 4 which featured inmates from death row to mothers who have killed their children. As well as these documentaries which are definitely worth a watch, Lockdown an American series also looks at problems behind bars such as gang related incidents and shows viewers never before seen footage of groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood and the on going feuds between the Bloods and the Crips.

The interest for information regarding the prison system has not changed, these documentaries have thousands of views and people want to know more.

Here is a list of documentaries worth a watch to look into the prison system.

1. Louis Theroux Behind Bars. Watch full here

2. Trevor McDonald – Inside Death Row

3. Lockdown – Extreme Prison Gangs

4. National Geographic Predators and Prey – Life in Prison

5. National Geographic Gangs in Prison – The War


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